Cornerstone Center features a caring and committed administrative and teaching staff, some of whom who have been with the center for over 20 and 30 years!

Administrative Staff

Karen Lucy

Executive Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 311


Toni Jackson

Center Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 204


Tracey Dorenbusch

Office Manager
(314) 865-5244 ext. 206


Ta’Lisha Franklin

Family Outreach Coordinator
(314) 865-5244 ext. 219


Carlos Fritz

Facilities Manager

Jen Givens

Program Manager
(314) 865-5244 ext. 203


Markie Hempen

Office and Operations Assistant
(314) 865-5244 ext. 312


Carissa McCleery

Business Manager
(314) 865-5244 ext. 221
Board Member 2009-2016


Jami Melton

Development Specialist


Dani Smith

Director of Development
(314) 865-5244 ext. 314

Teaching Staff


Ducks Classroom
LaRonda Lewis

Lambs Classroom
Adrian Brown
Jessica Lee

Penguins Classroom
Christina Buckley
Marian Crane



Pandas Classroom
Michelle Campbell
Tanisha Tunstall

Puffins Classroom
Kelli Brissette


Two-Year Olds

Bunnies Classroom
Jeanette Johnson

Teddy Bears Classroom
Debra Clark
Doris Leachman

Transition 2 ½ – 3 ½ Year Olds

Blue Jays Classroom
Audrey Breeden
Sarah English


Preschool (3-5 Year Olds)

Teresa Prince-Danes
Wendy Robinson

Robert Ford
Constance Moment

Toni Moore
Kathy Podor

Vanessa Anthony


Floating Teachers

Jasmine Brent
Audrey Ladage
Liz Mueller
Debbie Novara
Joanie Bishop
Alicia Lovan
Elle West
Shanta Scott
Marie Carbin
Maya Rodriguez

Kitchen Staff

CC Mason
Alice Washington