2019-2021 Strategic Plan

In March of 2019, the Cornerstone Center Board of Directors approved a 2019-21 Strategic Plan.  While there are many objectives that need to be accomplished during this three-year period (along with strategies and actions needed to meet these objectives), the Board of Directors did highlight four very important objectives.

They are:

MAJOR OBJECTIVE ONE: Provide greater financial and operational support to hire and retain successful teachers.

MAJOR OBJECTIVE TWO: Continue to improve Cornerstone’s financial status to meet present and future needs.

MAJOR OBJECTIVE THREE: Develop and implement a facilities plan to meet Cornerstone’s needs and to establish Cornerstone as a regional leader and role model in early childhood education.

MAJOR OBJECTIVE FOUR: Ensure that Cornerstone center remains an agency of racial and economic diversity.

For additional information, contact Karen Lucy, Executive Director,
at klucy@cornerstonecenterstl.org or 314-865-5244, ext. 311.