On Friday, January 13, Cornerstone will be beginning our Birthday Buddies program for our pre-k classrooms. As a Birthday Buddy, volunteers show Cornerstone children how special they are during their birthday month by creating a “Birthday Party in a Box” for a classroom celebration! Birthday Buddies purchase or provide the following birthday-themed items for our teachers to host a party for their classroom.

  • Decorations for the classroom, such as streamers or party hats
  • Supplies for an activity, such as a coloring page of balloons, making a birthday cake with play dough, or crafting birthday crowns out of construction paper
  • A commercially prepared, nut-free snack, such as mini cupcakes or cookies

Birthday parties will repeat once monthly in order to celebrate all of the pre-k children who have birthdays within the month. Cornerstone then shares photos and thanks from the classroom party with the Birthday Buddy.

Want to get involved? Have questions, concerns, or ideas about the Birthday Buddies program? Contact dsmith@cornerstonecenterstl.org.