2019-2021 Strategic Plan

In 2019, the Board of Directors of the Cornerstone Center for Early Learning approved a Strategic Plan for 2019-2021. There are many goals that need to be met in this three year term. Moreover, there are many strategies and actions which need to be taken in order to meet these goals. However, the Board of Directors has highlighted four defining objectives of the plan.

These goals are:

ONE: Provide greater financial and operational support to hire and retain successful and qualified teachers at Cornerstone Center for Early Learning.

TWO: Continue to improve Cornerstone’s financial status to meet present and future needs as both a non profit and a child care center.

THREE: Develop and implement a plan to meet the needs of Cornerstone and to establish Cornerstone as a regional leader and role model in early childhood education in St. Louis.

FOUR: Ensure that Cornerstone Center remains an agency of racial and economic diversity.

In order to learn more about the plan, contact Karen Lucy, Executive Director,
at klucy@cornerstonecenterstl.org or 314-865-5244, ext. 311.

Would you like to learn more about how you can help Cornerstone Center for Early Learning achieve these goals? If so, visit our How to Help section and check out our donation and volunteer opportunities.