Volunteer Opportunities!

In 2018, 581 volunteers donated more than 3,093 hours of service to Cornerstone Center for Early Learning. These hard-working supporters gave special attention to children in the classrooms, painted furniture, repaired library books, prepared classroom materials, participated in field trips, provided gardening and grounds-keeping services, and assisted at developmental screenings.

Current one-time volunteer opportunities include:

Days of Service
Gather your colleagues or friends and come to Cornerstone for the morning, afternoon, or the entire day. Whether in our classrooms, offices, or outside, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities.

Saturday Clean-up Project
There are a lot of clean-up activities we cannot perform while students are here during the week. Do you enjoy gardening, painting, or light maintenance? Join Cornerstone Staff for a Saturday Clean-up project, or host your own with  your friends, family, or colleagues.

Special Events
Cornerstone Center hosts several special events throughout the year including Celebration for Children and Trivia Night. We always welcome volunteers for the day of the event or for event participation.

Donation Drives
Don’t have time to come to Cornerstone but still want to help? Host a donation Drive for diapers, classroom supplies, or toiletries. We’d be honored and most thankful.

Current continuous volunteer opportunities include:

Student Intern
Unpaid interns provide valuable volunteer service while benefiting from real-world experience and guidance from Cornerstone’s administrative and direct-service staff. Find more details on internships with Cornerstone and information on how to apply here.

Classroom Aide
Volunteers assist teachers in a variety of tasks including playing with and reading to children, rocking babies, and classroom administration.

Office Assistant
Volunteers assist administrative office staff by making copies, filing, answering phones, etc.

Gardening Volunteer
Volunteers assist in maintaining and improving Cornerstone’s gardens and grounds.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors provide strategic direction for Cornerstone.

Committee Membership
Cornerstone’s committees support Cornerstone’s fundraising and growth efforts.

Friends of Cornerstone
The Friends of Cornerstone host quarterly service projects as well as regular fundraising, awareness and community events. Participation also includes monthly planning meetings.

Click here to download our Volunteer Opportunities brochure.

To volunteer at Cornerstone Center, please contact Toni Jackson, Center Director, at tjackson@cornerstonecenterstl.org or (314) 865-5244 ext. 204.