Healthy Kids Express

We’re very happy to have our friends from Healthy Kids Express here today performing dental screenings on our students! Thanks St. Louis Children’s Hospital for providing these services at no cost to our students!

Siteman Books in Hand Initiative

A very BIG thank you to our friends at the Siteman Family Foundation for sponsoring our Siteman Books in Hand Initiative! Because of their generous support, each month our students take home a new age-appropriate book for their home libraries. Check out this month’s books!

SLU’s Micah Program

We are very excited because our friends from Saint Louis University’s Micah Program are returning to Cornerstone Center today after their summer vacations! Welcome back Micahs! Thank you for all you do for Cornerstone kids!

Solar Eclipse 2017

#SolarEclipse2017 was in totality during nap time, but that didn’t stop our awesome teachers from building lesson plans around the big event! Students made eclipse Party hats, learned about the science behind the big event, and even got to watch the eclipse live from Oregon. During nap time, o